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Jen - Doctor Who World Tour Mexico City - 16 August 2014


Jenna Coleman - Doctor Who World Tour in Mexico City (August 16, 2014)

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Jenna Coleman - Doctor Who World Tour Mexico City - 16 August 2014

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Perfect is very boring, and if you happen to have a different look, that’s a celebration of human nature, I think. If we were all symmetrical and perfect, life would be very dull.

Teeny tiny linkspam on aromanticism


Someone asked for a teeny tiny linkspam on aromanticism, so here goes!  And by “here goes” I mean “I fell into a rabbit hole of links for like two and a half hours and emerged covered in mud and clutching this linkspam; I am so sorry; you probably did not care this much.”

Let’s start with the basics:

Let’s talk about (a)romantics by Intimacy Cartography

Aromanticism 101 by anagnori

An Aromantic Primer by The Thinking Asexual

anagnori on how to be a better ally to aromantic people

What’s being aromantic like?

Becoming Loveless by chekhovandowl

swankivy on how she figured out she was aromantic

anagnori comparing aromanticism to being in a musical

…And Then What? on The Asexuality Archive

Jo on Experiences of Loving

Aromantic people in relationships (or not!):

A comic about being an aromantic person with a girlfriend by chekhovandowl

I found the right person and I’m still aromantic by A Fine Line

Jo on being an aromantic in a partnered relationship

What I’ve Missed Out on Being Single by Asexuality Archive

swankivy on never being #1

I don’t understand dating, so I’m getting married by Sciatrix

Aromanticism in the larger context:

Why aromanticism matters for the entire asexual community by anagnori

This whole conversation on commitment (post links to the rest of the conversation) is really interesting

Alloromantics vs. aromantics: the great divide by me (here on The Asexual Agenda)

Why I no longer engage the “Are aces queer?” question by ace-muslim (here on The Asexual Agenda)

anagnori on internalizing anti-aromantic messages

Obligatory nudges toward wtfromanticism, greyromanticism, and demiromanticism, as there is a lot of overlap (one of the above pieces is written by a wtfromantic)

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Attractive People Meme || [2/5] Brunettes → Jenna Coleman

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Queen Mockingjay of the Hunger Game of Thrones.

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